• Ten plus years of sales experience have helped me develop strong negotiating skills that will help you attain the best property at the best price and/or get the best offer for your house.
  • My mortgage experience differentiates me from the vast majority of Realtors in Houston and benefits you in helping you understand the whole process from beginning to end. I love educating my clients so that they know what to expect and they can make the best decision when it comes to purchasing or selling their homes.
  • Having a background in engineering makes me very detail oriented, very thorough, and organized, which will take you to the closing table with ease and peace of mind.
  • Being bilingual in Spanish helps me better understand the Hispanic culture and relate to their concerns, which will benefit you when dealing with a Hispanic buyer or seller.
  • My certifications and accreditations help me customized my services to better fit your particular needs.
  • I like to offer my “out of town” or “busy” clients to preview homes for them before I take them out to see properties. Once I understand your dream home criteria, I can look at homes by myself. The benefit to you is that I eliminate the ones that don’t meet your requirements, saving you a lot of time and confusion.


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